The NDC is in dedicated facilities at the University of Aberdeen’s Oceanlab facility in Newburgh, 13 miles from Aberdeen city centre. It sits in Energetica, Scotland’s Energy Corridor and is readily accessible from the new Aberdeen by-pass.

Its equipment includes:

  • The most powerful industrial laser of any academic institution in the UK
  • A hyperbaric testing vessel which can simulate deep ocean conditions to the equivalent of 7000m
  • Indoor fresh water immersion tank, and a saltwater tank with acoustically neutral walls
  • Large capacity environmental chambers which allow temperature testing from -40C to +180C with controlled humidity
  • A vibration table designed to simulate the vibration and shock conditions which automotive, aerospace and subsea equipment may encounter
  • A supercomputer cluster which will allow the fast simulation and modelling of innovative, knowledge-based, high value decommissioning solutions and scenarios
  • Hangar space for the design and construction of decommissioning technology.

The NDC has created a unique environment by bringing together, in the same building, academic research, real-time projects and laboratory facilities.  It is funded by the government to deliver results and its focus is on real solutions underpinned by robust science.

The NDC also houses a high tech digital visualisation hub. It replicates elements of the OGTC Innovation Hub which has proven extremely successful in facilitating collaboration in the industry. The immersive digital space provides opportunities for asset and downhole visualisation, “digital twin” models and virtual geology.