Introduction to Offshore Decommissioning

Introduction to Offshore Decommissioning is a 2-day CPD course which introduces you to the main principles, processes, considerations and techniques associated with the offshore decommissioning. The course is delivered by the National Decommissioning Centre (NDC) and takes an interdisciplinary approach to the issues associated with decommissioning, including engineering, project management, business, law, health and safety, and the environment.

Introduction to Offshore Decommissioning is approved by the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) and is aimed at oil and gas industry professionals (technical and non-technical), including engineers, managers, finance and procurement personnel, as well as those working in related industry and regulatory bodies.

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On 21st November 2019, in the University of Aberdeen’s award-winning Library, Professor John Paterson discussed a number of questions surrounding the liability of oil and gas infrastructure. Government guidance has been clear historically that residual liability remains with the owner in perpetuity – albeit without specifying who the owner is.

The most recent guidance from BEIS clarifies that it is the owner of an installation or pipeline or a section 29 notice holder who bears residual liability. But is that the result that emerges from an analysis informed by property law? Even if it is, might it nevertheless be preferable pragmatically for the state to assume such liability? The talk included some searching questions from industry professionals in the audience. Professor Richard Neilson spoke about the University’s ground-breaking collaboration with the NZTC in launching the new National Decommissioning Centre.

As the business breakfast illustrated, the University of Aberdeen is quickly becoming a thought leader on the complex issue of oil and gas decommissioning and is the home of the world’s first and only Masters degree in decommissioning oil rigs, platforms and offshore structures. This programme can be studied fully online.

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