There are currently four projects underway:

Underwater laser cutting project

The NDC has invested in a 15KW industrial laser, the most powerful of any in academia in the UK, to develop an underwater cutting solution which could cut costs by 20% and save the oil and gas industry up to £90m.  It is being developed alongside global energy services company Proserv.

The University of Aberdeen has a proven track record in underwater laser applications and by partnering with industry aims to create a technology solution to be trialled on the UK Continental Shelf.

Barrier verification chamber project

There are currently a number of rig-less Plugging & Abandonment technologies under development, including the use of thermite to melt and seal the tubulars & cap rock, the use of bismuth alloys which can permeate the rock and expand on cooling and the use of resins. To be accepted by the industry, however, these techniques need to be verified, qualified and shown to be at least as effective as traditional Portland cement plugs. This £2m project brings together the expertise and capability of the NDC, the University of Dundee, and industry partner Isol8 to create a unique, Scotland based, facility for industry to use in barrier qualification. This should lead to more cost-effective P&A technologies being developed and deployed.

Windfarm decommissioning

This project is part of an EU funded programme aimed ad eco-innovative concepts for the end of the offshore wind energy farm lifecycle. An overall sustainable approach to this end-of-cycle is needed and this project will close that gap by devising and developing concepts that reduce decommissioning costs, reduce environmental impact and increase the knowledge and expertise in the North Sea Region.