BLOG – Scientific Technologies Foundation Apprenticeship

The NDC hosted senior Peterhead Academy pupil Leonard Goodlad as part of his Scientific Technologies Foundation Apprenticeship. In this blog Leonard explains what he has learned from his time here.

Published: 21st May 2024

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NEW PAPER: Stochastic finite element-based reliability of corroded pipelines with interacting corrosion clusters

A new publication from Abraham Mensah and Srinivas Sriramula providing a comprehensive understanding of the performance of corroded pipelines with interacting corrosion cluster defects is now available to read online.

Published: 8th May 2024

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NEW REVIEW PAPER: A perspective on the ecology of offshore oil and gas platforms

A new review paper from the NDC's Dr Alethea Madgett and colleagues has been cited in the IOGP habitat retention report, a practical guide intended to assist decommissioning decision makers on the design and implementation of a program to retain the valuable habitat afforded by infrastructure through reefing options.

Published: 6th May 2024

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Dynamic response of a shallow-draft floating wind turbine concept: Experiments and modelling

A new paper analyses how a novel lightweight Floating Offshore Wind Turbine (FOWT) being developed by T-Omega Wind responds in various wave conditions, using both the advanced marine simulator at the NDC, and the longest towing tank in Scotland at the Kelvin Hydrodynamic Laboratory (KHL).

Published: 29th April 2024

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NDC success at University of Aberdeen Excellence Awards

National Decommissioning Centre Director Richard Neilson and Simulator Technical Manager Marcin Kapitaniak have been recognised at the University of Aberdeen's Excellence Awards for their research.

Published: 22nd April 2024

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Partnership delivers for energy sector

A research partnership between the National Decommissioning Centre and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has been highlighted in the Nuclear Industry Association's quarterly magazine - Industry Link.

Published: 18th April 2024

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NDC Research Fellows feature in OEUK’s ‘People of Energy’ series

NDC Research Fellows Dr Alethea Madgett and Dr Lawrence Wilcox have featured in OEUK's 'People of Energy' series.

Published: 18th April 2024

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NDC Seminar Series 13

More than 30 people joined the NDC for the recent seminar series featuring Dr Tom Wilding of the Scottish Association For Marine Science on assessing marine growth on offshore structures, the NDC’s Samuel Cauvin on the Data for Net Zero project - visualising North Sea infrastructure and cross sectoral data - and Haleigh Jorgeson on the impacts of decommissioning on benthic microbial communities in the North Sea.

Published: 14th April 2024

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Deputy Lieutenants of Aberdeenshire visit NDC

NDC staff welcomed Deputy Lieutenants of Aberdeenshire Jim Buchan and James N'Dow.

Published: 29th March 2024

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Work placement blog – Lewis Jack – Ellon Academy

The NDC hosted senior Ellon Academy pupil Lewis Jack on a work placement programme for half a day every week for six months. In his blog Lewis explains how he found out about the NDC and what he has learned from his time here.

Published: 21st March 2024

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