A first estimate of blue carbon associated with oil & gas industry marine infrastructure

Image: Example of an OGI steel jacket in the NNS. With associated biomass in the water column from sea level through to seabed. This example has been in location for 50 years. The infrastructure is ready for the cold stage of decommissioning to commence.


A new paper from NDC PhD researcher Abigail Davies and Professor Astley Hastings quantifies Blue Carbon (BC) stocks around oil and gas infrastructure in the marine environment.

The work finds that these neglected ecosystems store important quantities of BC and goes on to forward model the ecosystem in time to reveal vast potential to store carbon over the long term.

The study demonstrates the vast potential of BC associated with oil and gas industry manmade structures in the marine environment to sequester carbon over the long term and that current clear seabed practises could damage these important ecosystems beyond repair, destroying current BC stocks and the vast potential BC stocks that could develop over time, as well as releasing large volumes of Greenhouse Gas emissions from the degradation of the biomass.

Read more here – http://abdn.io/9M

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PublishedTuesday November 14th, 2023