Climate Strategies North Sea Workshop Delegates visit NDC

Delegates getting a first-hand demonstration of the visualisation power of our Simulator


The North Sea Workshop, held in Dundee, was hosted by the Oil and Gas Transitions (OGT) @OG_Transitions initiative and co-led by Climate Strategies @climatestrat and the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) @SEIClimate. The visit included presentations on the NDC’s research portfolio, a demonstration of the simulator’s capabilities in real-time marine simulations and Augment City, the platform being used to develop the Smart Energy Basin

Some of the core themes of the workshop were:

  • Evidence-based just transition pathways to 2050 for the UK, Norway and Denmark
  • Role and potential of the North Sea in the transition out of oil and gas
  • Barriers, opportunities and intervention points for the transition (including alternatives to oil and gas)
  • Role of cross-country learning and collaboration across North Sea countries to accelerate the transition
  • Lessons and best practices from the North Sea that can inform/support transitions in other producing countries
  • Role of researchers and evidence in accelerating policy action for a just transition from oil and gas

Notes for Editors

PublishedMonday September 26th, 2022