MSc Decommissioning students get chance to attend prestigious conference

The NDC was delighted to sponsor the attendance of Diogo Prado and Peter Burrows, two University of Aberdeen MSc students, at the recent Offshore Energies UK Offshore Decommissioning Conference in St Andrews.


Thanks to Diogo for sharing his thoughts on the event here: –

“The conference proved to be an immersive experience, delving into the heart of “delivering decommissioning,” this year’s overarching theme.
It brought together diverse perspectives from operators, the supply chain, regulators, academia, and society, creating a dynamic platform for knowledge exchange. The sessions provided a valuable opportunity to engage in practical, hands-on discussions on topics that align closely with the recent lectures in my MSc Decommissioning courses.
The knowledge acquired during these classes played a pivotal role in enhancing my understanding of the challenges elucidated in the presentations. It was very interesting to see the dynamics between regulators and operators, the supply chain technical solutions and its need for firmer scope demand as well as the point of view of different stakeholders’ representatives.
The ongoing discussions on the role of offshore decommissioning in the energy transition in the North Sea showcased a mature and complex approach, presenting an excellent opportunity to glean lessons and apply them to the current scenario in my home country, Brazil.
The significance of The National Decommissioning Centre‘s role in coordinating and leading the industry towards a more integrated approach became evident. Simultaneously, I recognized that some struggles and discussions are very similar and apply to decommissioning projects all around the globe such as “which should be considered the baseline for a precautionary principle approach to removing or leaving structures in situ” and “how to evaluate local impacts of the permanence of man-made structures in the marine environment and global impacts as the GHG emissions related to removal operations”.
I come out of this conference inspired by the brilliant minds engaged in tackling the immense challenges that lie ahead and with a renewed motivation for my MSc studies. I am confident that the knowledge and experiences gained will significantly contribute to my professional development. I look forward to leveraging these insights to collaborate effectively within this evolving and crucial sector. Once again, thanks to the NDC team for providing me with this opportunity!”

It was also great to see a clip of footage of our colleagues Dr Marcin Kapitaniak and Dr Alethea Madgett in this STV story on the OEUK Decommissioning Insight report and the conference –

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PublishedMonday November 27th, 2023