NDC Seminar Series 9


Our 9th internal NDC Seminar Series took place on 24th January 2023 with members of the University and external stakeholder partners attending.

Nathan Loustalot (PhD Student, NDC, School of Biological Sciences) gave an update on his project “Evolution of DNA sequencing for marine biodiversity assessment”.  Ahmad Chanaa (PhD Student, NDC, School of Engineering) presented his project work on “Decommissioning of Subsea Bundles” and Dr Shahin Jalili (Research Fellow, NDC, School of Engineering) presented his research on “Decision-Making for Offshore Decommissioning Projects”.

Further information on the Decision-Making for Offshore Decommissioning Project can be found in  Current Projects.  To find out more about the project Evolution of DNA Sequencing for Marine Biodiversity Assessment, and Decommissioning of Subsea Bundles visit PhD Projects.

Thank you to our presenters for their great presentations and perfect timings, Prof. Richard Neilson for his introductions, Dr Marcin Kapitaniak for moderating the questions and discussion, and to the audience for their engaging questions.

Notes for Editors

PublishedMonday January 30th, 2023