Images: 1) The 9m 300-degree immersive simulation suite at the NDC. 2) 3D representation of the anchor in the simulator’s environment.


The National Decommissioning Centre’s state-of-the-art simulator has been utilised to trouble shoot the future offshore use of variable buoyancy anchors for floating wind technology.

Using a virtual prototype of an anchor system developed by Aubin Group and Oceanetics Inc., the research tested the technology with several operational and environmental factors such as underwater current velocity, wave height and winch velocity.

Published in Ocean Engineering the research shows that virtual prototyping can be a useful tool to expand the understanding of the offshore deployment of technologies being developed, such as the variable buoyancy anchors used in this study.

Read the full paper here – Variable buoyancy anchor deployment analysis for floating wind applications using a Marine Simulator – ScienceDirect

The research was supported by Supergen ORE Hub & ORE Catapult Floating Offshore Wind Centre of Excellence as well as the Energy Technology Partnership Knowledge Exchange Network scheme.

Authors: Rodrigo Martinez, Sergi Arnau, Callum Scullion, Paddy Collins, Richard Neilson, Marcin Kapitaniak.

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PublishedFriday July 28th, 2023