NDC Seminar Series 4


We had a great turnout for our research seminars yesterday where Dr Alethea Madgett, Research Fellow in the School of Engineering, presented on ‘The assessment of ecosystem dynamics in the vicinity of oil and gas man-made structures’, Edward Sibley, PhD Student, School of Biological Sciences, presented on ‘Horizontal and vertical distribution of fishes around tropical man-made structures’, and Christoph Gade, PhD Student, School of Biological Sciences, presented on ‘Quantitative risk assessment of mercury in the aquatic environment: linking mobility, bioavailability and bioaccumulation’.

All three are in a partnership with Chevron.  Alethea is supervised by Dr Michael Marnane (Chevron) and Dr Travis Elsdon (Chevron).   Edward is supervised by Professor Paul Fernandes (UoA), Dr Alethea Madgett (UoA), Dr Travis Elsdon (Chevron) and Dr Michael Marnane (Chevron).  Christoph is supervised by Professor Graeme Paton (UoA), Dr Lenka Mbadugha (UoA), Dr Alethea Madgett (UoA) and Dr Paul Bireta (Chevron).

Notes for Editors

PublishedWednesday April 14th, 2021