SUT/MASTS Workshop Salvage, Decommissioning and Wreck Removal

Online Event from: 8 October (13:30) – 9 October (12:45) 2020


This year’s MASTS Science meeting and associated SUT workshops are being held online, with an exciting program of talks, events, networking opportunities, poster presentations and workshops covering many aspects of science in the marine environment.

The Society for Underwater Technology (SUT) and Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland (MASTS) Salvage, Decom and Wreck Removal Workshop brought together a range of international expertise across the ‘Triple Helix’ of industry, science and government, to build a shared understanding of the ecosystem impact of anthropogenic activity, particularly in the Arctic and Greater North Sea OSPAR area. The focus was on shipping (including offshore vessels), oil and gas, and wind and wave energy, as actors within the same space. Engineers, scientists, salvors, operators, regulators, NGOs, insurers, lawyers, and other users of the sea considered sustainability taking a holistic lifetime approach.

NDC PhD Student Abigail Davies delivered a presentation on GHG emissions associated with decommissioning and chaired the session on Climate Change Impact on Decom & Wreck Removal.   Climate change will have an impact on the natural environment, potentially increasing risk to all sectors, including decom. and wreck removal.   It was debated how to quantify and mitigate these impacts and risks, and how to understand our contribution to climate change.

Notes for Editors

PublishedThursday October 8th, 2020