NDC hosts Explorathon 2022 event with Ellon Academy


To mark Explorathon 2022  ‘Making Research Real’ the National Decommissioning Centre collaborated with the University of Aberdeen’s School of Language Literature Music and Visual Culture and Shane Strachan, writer and 2022-23 Scots Scriever to host “Oil’s Well that Ends Well: New Energy Stories for the North East”, a spoken word performance and flash fiction workshop with S2 and S3 pupils from Ellon Academy. An inspiring day bringing STEM and the Arts together to explore the future of energy in the North of Scotland from the next generation’s perspective.  To reward the pupils for their hard work we ran a competition for the best short story from the workshop. Congratulations to Erin Moore, P3 for a really imaginative and  thought provoking story.  You can read Erin’s winning story here: Then vs Now – A Time Before.

A big thank you to the Ellon Academy S2-S3s and their teachers for sharing their visions of the future, to Arturo Regalado, Christoph Gade, Rebecca Von Hellfeld, Alethea Madgett, Samuel Cauvin and Sergi Arnau for sharing their research and ideas on the future of energy, our fantastic Technical Team and Fiona Barr for the tours and introduction to the NDC facilities, Ines Kirschner PhD in Language for conceiving the workshop and facilitating on the day and to Shane Strachan for awakening and encouraging our creative writing and storytelling skills.

Notes for Editors

PublishedThursday January 5th, 2023